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I met Deborah Crowe in 2013 when I was studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts at Manukau Institute of Technology. She was the most knowledgeable, energetic and experienced teacher - direct and critical - with generosity and humour. My practice as ‘Drawing in Space’ was shaped at that time under her mentoring. I recall asking her what I should do if I want to go further beyond being ‘good’ and she said ‘take a risk’. Since then, her advice has become the principle key to push my work further in every step of my explorations, experimenting, and realisations. Even though now I am working as a professional art practitioner, I still go back to her for advice and help. I have a lot of appreciation for her consistent expertise and kindness.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Jae Kang, Artist


When it came time to reevaluating an aspect of my practice Deborah was the first person I thought of for advice - she is encouraging and insightful with practical solutions. Her sense of humour and passionate approach to these sessions made the process a lot of fun!

                                                                                                                                                                                 - Caryline Boreham, Fine Art Photographer


Our 3 day workshop with Deborah in the Hokianga was filled with engagement and investigation. The participants on the workshop gained confidence in their visual awareness through experimentation, playful investigation and dialogue within the creative process. We greatly admired and respected her skill (and humour) in the planning and delivery of her programme which was across many art practices at different levels. Deborah’s energy and passion to share her knowledge and skills was a humbling experience for our community.          - Leona Kenworthy, Chairperson of Hokianga Arts Community Trust


Deborah Crowe is a professional artist and mentor/teacher in every sense of the word. With all work she undertakes it is apparent that she applies her considerable creativity and strength of thought to the full, and brings rigour and robustness to every aspect of the development and creation process. She is generous with her time and attention when imparting and handing on her skills and knowledge to others. Her optimism, energy and passion for the arts also makes Deborah a great person to work with.

- Candy Elsmore, Project Director, Arts Regional Trust Te Taumata-Toi-a-iwi (ART)

Deborah was great to work with, always on time, enthusiastic and going the extra mile to get the project done. She has a wide network of people who can make things happen and project manages them to deliver on the brief. Her advice ranges from artistic to practical and her attention to detail is phenomenal. I’m looking forward to working with her again!

- Annalily van den Broeke, Project Manager Arts & Culture, Community, Development, Arts and Culture, Auckland Council

Deborah Crowe has delivered workshops for Artists Alliance to consistently positive feedback from participants.

It was very well run. I really enjoyed participating in the group activities.

I am now feeling more confident about tackling writing for proposals. Big thank you! 

- Maggie Gresson, Executive Director, Artists Alliance, and participant comments 

I have employed Deborah Crowe’s advice on a number of occasions. She has helped me crystalise my thoughts on various design issues including art and furniture choice and procurement through to the installation of those items. She has an outstanding ability to visualise how artworks and objects relate to each other and their environment. I trust her eye implicitly.

- Andrew Topping, private collector & client

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